Matt Zahand

Aspiring Competitive Shooter. Sometimes Funny.
Documenting my journey Into Competitive Shooting.

Based in Houston, Texas

What you will find is an honest view of the good, the bad, and the ugly of what it is like to become a competitive shooter...from the beginning. There will be a lot of shooting, a lot of learning, and a peek inside who I am both on and off the range.

I want everyone to see how easy it is to start, how difficult it is to master, and how incredibly exciting the journey is.



Since i was a small child I have always wanted to try new things, understand everything about them, and have always been ultra competitive.  As an adult, nothing has changed.  that now translates into competitive shooting and I am documenting everything as I dive in to the amazing sport of action shooting.



growing up i we never owned guns around the house and it wasn't until my time in college at auburn that i started spending more time around them.  thanks to my random roommate (and now one of my best friends) it started a Curiosity that is still there today.  now i have found competitive shooting and am learning everything Possible to be the best shooter i can be.